Andrey Kolodyuk’s AVentures Capital was arrested and will be distributed for debt.

The business adventures of a hobo investor Andrey Kolodyuk are coming to an end. In the beginning of 2020, the information about his debt appeared in #media. The heirs of one of the first #AVentures investors Ruben Chiftalaryan tried to get $4 million from Kolodyuk. The American television provider FOX laid claim to $60 thousand, while Finance and Credit Bank wanted to get its $90 thousand.

But how to afford paying if AVentures didn’t have a single exit for 10 years? Therefore, the plaintiffs decided to take the Fund’s portfolio shares. And just yesterday, 100% of AVenture companies’ shares in the Fund’s portfolio were arrested.

Do you understand now why a week ago AVentures were happy to announce that they had left Ciklum with its 1% and received cash after a year of happily shared ownership?

There is one more explanation from unofficial sources: the reputation of the AVentures founder and toastmaster from the Ukrainian house in Davos, Andrey Kolodyuk, has become too toxic for Ciklum.

But, most likely, the necessity to get the skim hidden contributed markedly. It reminds the last sale of assets, as there is nothing more to get out of other Fund’s projects.

Good news for the Chiftalaryans — instead of shares that are not easy to sell, now there’s cash. The bad news is that this 1% is still not enough. The chances to satisfy other creditors are slim to none.

We feel for Augmented Pixels, Be.Live,, CheckiO, VOX Music Player, Corevalue, Depositphotos, Influ2, DivanTV, nuPSYS, Petcube, Rallyware, SolarGaps — Solar Panel Window Blinds, Spin Technology, Teamfusion and personally for Andrey Kolodyuk’s main AVentures partner — Evgeny Sysoev.

P.S. In 2019 #Kolodyuk lost his real estate in the case with Finance and Credit Bank. At least, it was the court decision, but the way how it was carried out remains unknown. However, then Andrey called the article devoted to those events on our public a dirty info attack, and noted that he wouldn’t stop and continue improvements to the envy of his enemies. With eyes full of pride and tears, we celebrate your victories, Andrey!

Andrey Kolodyuk, AVentures